About Us

I have been involved in print media since I was 14 years old, working for print shops, magazines and newspapers. My background includes advertising and marketing, ad design for newspapers and magazines, and magazine layout/design. In the 90s I was fortunate to work for a newspaper that was just getting started with the Internet and worked as the Online Editor were I began to acquire my knowledge with HTML.

* 24 years professional background in the graphic arts industry
* 10 years background in the web development
* 20 years background with Adobe Photoshop
* 6 years background with Macromedia Dreamweaver
* 10 years with CSS/XHTML
* 10 years Freelance Web Design

I specialize in the fields of corporate and small business identity and branding. My designs are geared towards improving promotion and marketing through clean code with SEO in mind. Color, layout, illustration, type, photography, animation, print, multimedia, and the overall layout will convey a direct message to your specific market through my ability to plan, analyze, and create visual expressions that deepens communication to your target market.

My goals as a graphic designer are to meet the needs of my clients, understand the message they wish to portray to their market in order to increase the appeal and experience for the visitor. Close communication with all my clients on all levels is essential and valuable to me.

My work involves researching and development identifying the needs of your target market and coordinating that into a visual design.

As your web host, I bring you over 5 years in IT technology, one on one client support and services, digital tutorials, videos, continuous and growing portfolio.

Although KD Web Hosting & Design Solutions is a newly registered domain, it is actually the result of KD Web Page Design (registered in 2002) growing to meet the needs of clients past and future. And I look forward to serving you!